Lockett Meadow 2008
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These fellows were in the dozens at this one specific area...

It was very interesting to see, so I turned it into another keyout attempt.

Their scattered growth pattern surrounding a single tree, suggested they were mycorrhizal.

It was fortunate to find multiple stages of maturity.


Older specimens have darkening gills, suggesting dark spores.

Sporeprint afterwards was dull brown
(not rust or chocolate).

Gill attachment and veil / no veil is very important.

Keyout info. No ID yet, but a basic guess is Heboloma.

My final mushroom is Agaricus. These greeted me before I even reached the meadow but were too old to effectively key out.

Here is a much younger number 2...

It's so much fun to find prominent examples such as these...

You know it's an Agaricus when you see all of this!

This was an absolutely fantastic Agaricus.

Unfortunately I was running on fumes and didn't give him the attention he deserved.

So these photos are all I have for what was possibly the most worthy find of the trip! :(

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