Lockett Meadow 2008
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But they were the largest I've ever seen!

Their little cousins could be found far away from the Aspen feeding frenzy.

Lockett meadow was the land of giants this trip.

These were the largest pear-shaped puffballs I'd ever seen!

Observing their tissues gave clues that they were definitely a different species than their smaller cousins.

This fully mature one was the size of your fist!

These Lycoperdon pyriforme were what I was used to seeing.


And while we're on the subject of giants...

...this fellow was huge!

Here is a look at his underside.

And there wasn't just one or a few of him...

In fact, there were DOZENS!

After a full day, I easily had seen a hundred of them.

And the following several images demonstrate their photogenic qualities...

Note consistently large size.

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