Lockett Meadow 2008
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This photo demonstrates the white spore print

Note the white sporeprint on leaves and grass...

Closeup of gill attachment.

Preliminary keyout info.

This is the revised keyout after observing more specimens. My best guess so far: Clitocybe maxima!

While on the subject of Clitocybe, look who else I found!

can you guess?

If you said: Clitocybe nuda, (The Blewit) you are correct!

Along the way were many remarkable examples of recycling. Any guess how old this fallen tree is?

When Aspen are on their way out, Phellinus tremulae is usually the first to appear.

Nearby was another very attractive wood rotter. This, I think, is a Ganoderma.

This one was growing out of a dead underground root.

When they originate from the ground, they form such an impressive disc!

Say hello to my little friend...

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