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Catherine - UK (romperkeith@gmail.com)
Date:Fri 16 Sep 2011 08:13:00 AM EDT
Subject:Thank you!

I've been trawling the web and going over my books to find information about life cycle and reproduction.
Your page on the subject with diagram has done the trick! I now have the basic understanding i was after.
Thank you!


Fard Underwood (FKU2@nau.edu)
Date:Sun 11 Sep 2011 09:23:32 PM EDT
Subject:Like the website!

Nice website, got me looking forward to heading out in the field tomorrow!


marcello (mmp94@nau.edu)
Date:Wed 13 Jul 2011 06:16:53 PM EDT

I have been all over the San Fran peaks for the past three days. The recent rainfall made my labor worth my while; however, I had no luck with porcini. I spend my summers in Southern Utah on Cedar Mountain (elevation 8500). Aspen and pine forest surround me.I believe this area to be infested with boletes, but I need to know the season, elevation, and prime surroundings boletes grow in. I have spent time mushroom hunting in Italy, but I am in no way knowledgeable. Your website has been a big help identifying the garbage bag of mushrooms I brought home (mostly inedible). I would like to correspond via email with someone who knows exactly how to identify them. Thank you for your website.


Ed Coleman (edciii@gmail.com)
Date:Mon 02 May 2011 01:40:14 AM EDT

LOVE your website! Had the good fortune to go a-hunting with Dr. Leathers last August (2010) in E.AZ with him %26 club. Curiously, the most sought-after fungus among the gang was the wonderful Golden Chanterelle, of which NO mention is made in your website? Luckily, we found a private stash of our own ... Cloud hidden, whereabouts unknown.


Alexis (GreatWhiteNorth@hotmail.com)
Date:Sat 25 Dec 2010 01:11:37 PM EST

hey - nice website - thank you for posting all your pics and information.
Nice shrooming with you! :)


Bundy (bundy@forgottenones.net)
Date:Sun 17 Oct 2010 12:23:33 PM EDT
Subject:Nice Mushrooms

These remind me of my mushroom tip!


Stacey Flury (seflury@yahoo.com)
Date:Sat 04 Sep 2010 05:11:33 PM EDT

Thank you very much for your website. I was writing a paper and I've cited your website as I've used it for pieces of information. Again, thank you.


Jeremy Goldman (camaro4spd@yahoo.com)
Date:Thu 24 Jun 2010 10:47:52 PM EDT
Subject:Web site

Very cool %26 informative. I would like to forward some pix of mushrooms from my backyard in Pinal Co.
Thank You Jeremy


samurai (kiloyankeelimaecho@gmail.com)
Date:Wed 09 Jun 2010 10:15:43 AM EDT

shoot me an email


Tanelorn (xx@xx.com)
Date:Mon 15 Mar 2010 03:40:03 PM EDT
Subject:re: Sedona hunting

Copied from my email response:
To my knowledge, Sedona has a similar mushroom season as the rest of the state. August seems best, but it’s worth looking around in late July also. I wouldn’t expect you to find much in the Pinyon-Juniper areas, but trails near the 89 from Sedona to Flagstaff might be good. I haven’t spent much time along creeks / washes in the PJ forest, but I would think they would be better than anywhere else at those elevations. You’re best off going to areas with Ponderosa or other areas that get more precip.
Of course, the mushroom season is directly connected to the monsoon season. If the monsoons are early, the mushroom season may be early. If they are late, so will be the mushrooming. Last year we had a weak, dry monsoon and the mushrooms just weren’t out much. We’ll see what this year brings…


mark (mcarnessale@earthlink.net)
Date:Sun 14 Mar 2010 01:16:42 PM EDT
Subject:sedona area

When's a good time for hunting in Sedona


Megha Budruk (meghavt@yahoo.com)
Date:Sat 06 Jun 2009 12:17:28 AM EDT

Thanks for opening up the world of mushrooms to me...I hope we can go on more mushroom hunting trips!


Tanelorn (xx@xx.com)
Date:Thu 04 Jun 2009 01:32:02 AM EDT

Hello everyone. I am just posting the first comment to make sure the guestbook works. Please leave your comments. Please let me know if this site was interesting / informative to you. Thanks for visiting!

P.S. The guestbook seems to require that you give your email address. Don't worry about that, just type in some junk if you don't want to post your email.


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