Mogollon Rim 2010
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This and the next image are great examples of forest pathogens; both found at the same site on Doug. fir. Inonotus sp.

Phaeolus schweintzii produced a zone of mortality approximately 20 feet in diameter here. Suscepts were Doug. fir and Aspen.

Another fantastic Barrow's bolete the size of your head!



Would you see it at first glance?

These beautiful boletes were under the same tree that several Barrow's were found.

Upon closer inspection, they turned out to be poisonous boletes. A close match seems to be Boletus pulcherrimus.

Fortunately they were clearly labelled...

Another great example of how edible and poisonous mushrooms can occupy the same location. All were found under white fir.

The largest ant colony I've ever seen in AZ!


These giant and lovely Amanita gemmata were near the entrance to the rim road.

These are the second set of A. gemmata that I've seen in AZ.

A visual aid for scale...


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