Houston Brothers Trail

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My first keyout was a bit confusing as I only had old specimens


But then I found these fine youngsters...


The freshly opened cap smelled like almond extract.

Obviously, both were agaricus. But with the almond scent, I had greatly narrowed down the possibilities.

After some research, I decided the young specimens were Agaricus absolutens, an almond scented amber staining edible. The older specimens, due to their color, were probably also this species. The bad smell in them was probably due to old age.



These fellows were omnipresent, but all were fairly young specimens.

I'm satisfied calling this Leucopaxillus gentianeus, but I really needed some older specimens also.

This fellow also had many friends...



The spores are so clear (hyaline) that you can only see them from an angle...

I am still working on this one also. I'm fairly confident it's Tricholoma, and there are soooo many Trich's it's best just to be satisfied with the genus.




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